Thursday, May 14, 2009

All for you

Good Morning! I'm so happy to be posting again...maybe I really am getting my act together! Yesterday was Abby's last extended day at preschool. This means that I will not have a good 6 hours to myself for quite a few months. It also means that her first day of Kindergarten will be here soon and although I'm so ready for her to go, it's the official start of BIG GIRL status and a whole new chapter. It makes me realize that my baby is growing up way to fast!

Since Abby was gone all day, I decided to relish in the quiet and make a few cards. I received some great images from a blogging friend, Tammi (thanks again!) that I really wanted to use. Plus there was the new paper that I found while at Hobby Lobby. It's a new stack of KI paper and I swear somehow it just FELL into my hands!

see what I mean - all CA-UTE! But this brings up another issue for me. This card isn't perfect {insert gasp here} and I almost threw it out BUT I'm trying something new and decided to IMPROVISE and make it work. Now being the wonderful person that I am, I'm going to point out my mistakes....No wait that's crazy! YOU tell me the mistakes... See what I deem as a mistake you might not even notice - that's my point! It's a HANDMADE card so there's always room for HANDMADE mistakes, right!?!?! Well like the song goes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

The wonderful sketch was provided by OCC. Yes, folks I even participated in a challenge AND met the deadline {insert another gasp here}. Wow, I'm just full of the sarcasm today, huh?

Thanks so much for looking! Feel free to leave me your thoughts on the card or on anything else as I'm in a chatty mood! Today, if the weather cooperates, will be Abby's first official T-ball practice. I still can remember playing T-ball when I was little! Matter of fact I'm sure somewhere I've got pictures!! Now that would be fun to see, huh?

Card Details: KI paper, Making Memories Rub-ons, Phoebe Ketto from Stamping Bella, JudiKins fine glitter, Colored Pencils, OMS


Anna said...

Well, I see no boo boo! Darling card! Big girl school! Such bittersweet moments! Woo hoo on getting the challenge done, and on time too!

Tina said...

There are no mistakes! Your card is lovely!

Stef H said...

Well, I enlarged it, magnified it and those mistakes you mentioned????? Are nowhere to be found! NAH! I didn't do all that! The card is stunning. I love that plaid paper and I fully understand how it "just fell into your hands". Happens to me all the time and not just at HL!

Just fabulous!


Tammi said...

I love it Michelle, I like how you stitched around the outside oval and cool how you added the oval ground! Hey, I want to a t-ball pic of you, how cute! :) Have a nice day! xx

Danni said...

okay, you're crazy! there isn't a mistake on this! Crazy girl!
Wonderful card, so fun!!
Our big girls going to school!! maybe we'll have to chat every morning! LOL!

Chelsea said...

I love this card ... looks great to me!

Ann Kranitz said...

Not a mistake to be seen!! You crack me up!! I love this card!! And big girl school!! I remember it so well with mine.

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

This is gorgeous Michelle!! Don't see any mistakes. That is what is so fun about creating. You can make it how you want and there are no rules or mistakes, you silly girl!

Heather Schlatter said...

Oh so cute I love this little Bella girl so adorable!!! You did a great job on this card Michelle and we are all harder on ourselfs then people who see our creations are!!!