Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's one of those days, I mean weeks!

So today I should be posting a flutter by card. Heck I should have posted a few cards this week but no such luck! As you know I took a part time job as a preschool teacher and right now I'm in the phase where I'm trying to juggle everything and figure out how to get it all done. Unfortunately, I'm not succeeded!! PLEASE bear with me - keep checking for updates cause I promise I'll be posting regularly soon!!

please note - I DO, yes that's right, I DO have a flutter by card finished and ready to post BUT Blogger has a different idea! It won't let me - boo hoo!! SO I'll continue trying to get it on here today and hopefully Blogger will fix the problem soon! Please come back and see me!!

Thank you for all the visits to my blog - I noticed last night that I've had over 10,000 hits!! That's awesome for little 'ol me! Also, next week will be my one year anniversary in the blogging world. I'm thinking I should have a giveaway? Whatcha think???


Stef H said...

i LOVE your new page look! really like it lots!

i'm having trouble with blogger too as are several others. at least it's not us!

AND.... sept. 17 is my 1 yr blogaversary. i've got candy all set to go. too bad blogger is being such a bum about it - LOL

have a great day!


Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Oh Michelle!!! You sound all worked up and tense. Please relax. It is o.k. Everything will come together shortly and so will blogger (we hope!). When I was in your frame of mind last night when I found out I had to have a sneak peek posted at midnight and hadn't even started yet....I panicked and probably felt you did now. I had to remind myself that this is for fun not a job!

You are in my thoughts and prayers. The job and your schedule will come together shortly. I will be checking in as always and I am a listening ear away girlie!!