Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Just a quick note to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! My family will be celebrating Thanksgiving at my house so right now I'm probably cooking away :o) We'll enjoy great food, good times and probably some games as well. Nothing like a good round of Catch Phrase! Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!!

On a side note, I'm hoping the sales are good and I can find me a good deal on a Circut Expression - I think it's time I add one to my "inventory"!! If you know of any good deals for the machine &/or cartridges...drop me a line. I need to get the best deals I can since I want so many cartridges!!


Karen Wilson said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Michelle!!

Alissa103 said...

Ooooh, a Cricut! I bought mine last year at Walmart on Black Friday (well, Santa Perry did). They're going to have them on sale again, I think for $188. This is the BIG one, the Expression. BUT I love They're having their Pink Tuesday sale right now and you can get an Expression for $169.00 (no carts) or you can get one with one cart of your choice for $184, etc. (more choices as the prices go up) Go to their site and click on the "Pink Tuesday" tab on the left side. I don't know how long the sale goes, so hurry! It's up now still as of 9 am. Also, free shipping and no tax, so it will work out to be better than Walmart anyway! And no getting up at the crack of dawn ;) This site also has great pricing on carts. I order from them all the time!

Supposedly Michael's is going to have a good three day sale on carts this weekend (tonight through Sunday), too.

I LOOOOOOOOOVE my Cricut!!! LMK what you decide!

Stef H said...

a very happy thanksgiving to you & yours. may your blessings be bountiful!


kris said...

Happy Thanksgiving Michelle!!! hugs, Kris

Laurie said...

Hey you! I just got back from shopping! I got a RED Cricut from Walmart for $188. I hope you saw the other post before mine bc I know I am passing this on to you too late!

Hope your Thanksgiving was great! We so need to get together!

Anna said...

I hope you found some good deals! I know Michael's had some great prices on the cartidges! Hope you had a blessed Turkey day!