Friday, October 31, 2014

Frankenstein Fry Boxes For Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone out there! I know my daughter is ready to go get some candy! Her Dad and her go house to house so they made their costumes work together. I can't wait to get some pictures. I stay home and hand out candy since our neighborhood gets TONS of kids through it. Unfortunately the weather has turned quite cold so I'm not sure if that will change things or not. We shall see :D

My up line, Becky Roberts made some cute Frankenstein Fry Boxes so I just had to try it. They were super easy to make and turned out so cute. I gave some away as hostess gifts and door prizes.

After my sister saw them she wanted them to take to day care kids. I changed the tag a little and used a pumpkin and the words trick or treat on them. I'm sure the kids will enjoy getting them today - but they will probably like the candy a bit more, lol!

I hope you have a safe and fun Halloween. Check back tomorrow for the team's first blog hop! I can' wait to show you some fun fall projects - and the girls participating in the hope are so talented. There will be lots of exciting projects to see :D

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