Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Abby's Room

I said that I'd show pictures of Abby's room and here they are. Remember my daughter LOVES butterflies plus since we've lived in an apt. for so long we told her that she could pick the color of her room. We thought she'd pick one color...

but no she picked 3! And I'm sorry for the pictures but the colors are in the bedspread and do match, I promise! I foam stamped all the butterflies in the purple border and it goes completely around the room. It's a very bright cheery room perfect for my little girl.

The furniture used to be my grandma's and I held on to it as I just couldn't get rid of it. My husband painted it and it's beautiful! Yes, she has a tv and dvd player (thanks to grandma & papa) but NO cable. I mean she is only 5!! Not sure if you can see it but there are butterfly lights around the mirror that she uses as her light to fall asleep.

Thanks for looking!


Danni said...

Wanna adopt me?? Great room!

Liz said...

Too cute! Great job!
It's definitely a room fit for a butterfly princess,... like Princess Abby.

Shelly said...

I just discovered your blog today, Michelle. Abby's room is so pretty! Your whole house is beautiful, but Abby's room is my favorite. : )