Friday, October 24, 2008

House Pictures - Kitchen area

Happy Friday! I've been working on projects but haven't completely finished any of them to share. I've had a few of you ask for more House pictures so here they are! The following pictures are of the kitchen/dining room. I have to tell you that after living in apartments for 15+ years, one of the things I really wanted was a big kitchen. Well I got my wish and I LOVE my kitchen! I took this picture standing in the kitchen. It's our dining room.

My Dining room table is a garage sale find. My hubby and dad refinished it for me...It's awesome! It also came with a huge leaf and 2 more chairs. Can't wait to host some holiday dinners this year cause we've got the room!

This is part of the kitchen. I took this picture while standing in the dining room area.

This is the second part of the kitchen. We looked at quite a few houses and one of the things I also wanted was a kitchen window. Why? No idea! I know growing up though both of our houses had a kitchen window in it. I remember my mom watching me outside playing through the window. My window looks out to the side of the house and yes, I see my neighbor through it more than anything but it's a window and it's light! One of the things we did to the kitchen is added lights under the kitchen cabinets. They look nice and provide a lot of light when I'm working on the kitchen counters. We are still wanting to get two bar stools to put at the end of the counter (it's the area where the small pumpkin is).

Hope you enjoy the pictures. I'll have some more tomorrow as I finally got the entire basement cleaned and organized! Thanks for looking!

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Danni said...

Can I move in?? Your house is so nice and CLEAN!!!
Love it!