Friday, February 6, 2009


Well the week started off so good but has turned to yuck! I don't like to be negative but am very sad as I lost something that was very special to me. I've looked and looked but just can't find it! The item was very small to begin with (the size of a pea) but worth quite a bit of monetary value not to mention the sentimental value is out of this world! I'll spend the weekend trying to still find it (cause I can't think about anything else) and try to come to terms with never finding it!

Needless to say for the last few days I haven't even set foot in my craft room. My mojo went right out the door and in it's place as been one heck of an ongoing headache. There were so many wonderful challenges/sketches that I wanted to participate in but I just couldn't find the energy or creativity to do anything.

I have a Funshop on Sunday so I have to finish a couple things for that. We'll be doing an Easter basket and a card with a funky fold. I'll share them when I get them done.

I'm also excited that I will be creating a few projects that I won't be able to share yet. Those will have to come later (hopefully next month).

I probably won't be posting again until Sunday evening/Monday so please come back! I love to have you look at my blog!! I hope you have a great weekend! Mine has to get better, right???


Liz said...

My dear friend,
I hate to hear that you're feeling down. I hope you find what you are looking for. I sure do hate it when that happens. I'll try and send some good mojo your way!!!

Maria said...

Oh Michelle, I'm sorry that you lost a valuable item. I once lost a diamond from one of my rings and I spent weeks crawling on our floor looking for it. I even took apart our vacuum and looked in the vacuum bag. I was so disturbed I couldn't think straight. Sadly, I never found it and I still cringe to think I've lost it.

Hope your week gets better!


Janna said...

Oh, no Michelle, I really hope you find it! I will be thinking of you! And I hope you get to feeling better! It is no fun to be sick.

I received your e-mail and I promise I will be getting back to you shortly! i am really not this bad I promise! LOL! Going out of town for a few days really messes me up! LOL!