Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Adventures

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Good, I hope! Mine was very busy but oh so nice. I even took time out to watch a movie which doesn't happen very often! My hubby took me to dinner Saturday for our anniversary and he surprised me by taking me to the same restaurant as the one he did the night he proposed!! It was even better food this time and great to have a dinner without Abby being the center of attention - I mean we actually talked!!

Abby had a great time visiting the grandparents but was a little upset to find out she lost her lovey! Now if anyone knows us then they know that Pink Boo (as she calls it) goes EVERYWHERE with us - that pink bear is not the nicest looking. It's been cuddled A LOT and her eyes are scratched, her nose has been broke and glued again, I think she even stinks and I wash her OFTEN. But to Abby, it's everything! Since Jay and I weren't there we are trying to find her by what we told they did - but since all this happened in Lawrence and Gardner, it's not very easy to go looking for her. We are hopeful but we lost her one other time and was so fortunate of the individual who found her. This time it appears the last place was a ball field in Gardner, KS - I'm hoping that all the families out there took one look at Pink Boo and realized that this bear IS very special to someone. Abby's doing pretty well - there was only a handful of times that the big tears and "I miss Pink Boo" was stated. I PRAY that we are able to find her and this time she is going in a plastic case and will be on display so we don't lose her again!! :o) Here's a picture of Abby & Pink Boo - can you tell she adores her??
Here's hoping & praying we find her!!
I was not able to complete the Chirstmas Challenge this week. The challenge was to use numbers and I couldn't get my brain to think that way. I was going to just make a Christmas card but haven't done that either. BUT the other members have some awesome cards to share so go check out the blog to see them as well as read about the challenge this week. As always, we'd love to have you play along so be sure to share whatever you create! Now is a great time to get started on those cards!!

Last thing before I go, please realize that I have been looking at your blogs but not leaving comments - I'm just trying to do too much right now. I will be by in the next few days to leave comments again on all your wonderful creations! You are all so very talented! Thank you for all your comments on my blog and for taking the time to read & look at my posts. I so enjoy that and hope you enjoy visiting!!


Tammi said...

Awww, poor thing! I hope you find her too. Sweet picture!

Jodi said...

I sure hope you find her!! What an adorable photo!
Jodi =)

Anna said...

Poor Abby and Pink Boo. I'm so sorry Boo went on an adventure without her. I hope someone finds it, and you're able to get it back again. Gabi used to carry stuff around like that all the time too. In fact, still does! Abby looks too cute in that photo, btw!

Cathy said...

I hope you find Pink Boo!! Give Abby a hug for us, ok!!

Hugs, Cathy

Jody said...

Can I help you look for Pink Boo in Gardner???? Let me know!

Also, thanks for your card. It meant so much to me!!!

Christine said...

Your husband is so romantic and caring. You are a lucky woman!


Maria said...

Happy belated anniversary Michelle! I'm glad to hear you had a nice anniversary.

I'm sorry to hear that Pink Boo is lost. I'm sure she will turn up soon. Your daughter must feel lost without her.

I've been having the same problem with commenting. Oh gawd, I'm so behind. I've been so busy last week. . .stuff just piling up on top of one another. I'm trying not to get stressed out about it. I wish I was more on top of things.

That's okay you couldn't play this week. Next week's challenge is more straight forward.