Monday, June 9, 2014

Open House for NEW Catalog!

Last week I held my Open House event getting ready for the NEW catalog debut. I had a pretty good turnout and was so excited to show some new product as well as the catalog. The card was my Make N easy but such a WOW factor!

All Open Houses need food. I had sweet and salty :D Homemade cookies and cupcakes were a huge hit! See the red bucket - those held my goodie bags. Everyone that came got one (you'll see more about that in another post).

This table carried some of the new product as well as In Color samples. I made bookmarks showing the new colors and they were a hit. Nice reference to have!

Project Life is one product I'm excited about as I really want to get back into scrapbooking. I've already started getting pictures printed which is HUGE since it's been a couple of years. Next I need to sort and then I think I'm ready to start. Am I nervous? Heck's been a while! BUT I know there are a lot of friends (of mine) that are in the same boat and are ready to get started. So hoping I can motivate them as well!

Do you have the new catalog? Are you wanting one? Just email me for details. I'd be happy to get you one! You can order from the new catalog on my online website 24/7, HERE. Thanks for stopping by!

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