Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Weekly Deals On This *Snowy* Wednesday!

So I live in Kansas - that means we never know about the weather. We were told that this was going to be a bad winter. It hasn't. Yesterday it was 53 degrees and sunny - a little breezy but overall nice. Today it's supposed to be snowing - will it? I don't know...they've said it about 3 times and we've barely gotten a dusting. I'm ready for some good 'ol fashion piled up, can't go out, downright cold, snow!! So I'm hoping it comes.

In the meantime - where ever you are you might want to take advantage of this weeks deals. 

The Hamburger Box Die would be good for home made treats (think mini pies and cookies). Or the punches would be great for any project! Whatever you fancy you can find these specials right HERE.

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