Friday, July 31, 2009

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

So I don't have anything to share but I've been wondering something and thought who better to ask then the blogging world! As you know this week as been tough on me as I've been suffering from migraines. When my head isn't hurting I'm exhausted. Therefore, I haven't done much in the 'ole craft room. Instead I've been watching some movies which I hardly ever do. I like movies but to sit still for two hours when I know of all the things on my to do list that needs to be done well it's hard for me to enjoy myself. I can't really say what my taste is in movies. I like all kinds - each one more welcoming with my moods. This week has been about action and romance. I watched The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton - it was pretty good. However another Edward has been on my mind lately and this one is HOT, HOT, HOT!! Yes, I'm talking about Edward from Twilight. Now I've seen the movie but never read the book. I'm a reader - totally enjoy getting submersed in a good book. My problem is I usually can't do anything else till I finish it. Currently I've been reading the Scarpetta books from Patricia Cornwell. I've read them before but never back to back so I thought I'd do that. I'm on the Book of the Dead which I've never read before but I was having trouble "getting into it". I think I wanted more romance than crime drama. So I decided to read Twilight. I wasn't sure what to expect but HOLY COW I LOVED THAT BOOK!! I finished it in a day and a half - not bad considering I had to do my mother duties and household duties. I just couldn't put it down. It was a really good book. I was a little nervous though cause I had seen the movie so wasn't sure if it would ruin the book. When I first watched Twilight I laughed a lot and thought it was ok but didn't really get the hype. After reading the book I decided to watch the movie again last night. I have to say I liked it a little better - things made more sense to me. Like the part when Bella comes into Biology class and Edward looks as though he's going to throw's not funny now..I totally can "get" his problem!! SOOOOOOOOOOOO what does this have to do with my question - well I don't know what to I read the next book and then see the movie OR do I wait and see the movie and then read the book??? I know there are a lot of Twilight fans out there so tell me should I go get the next book???

On a side note it is a little disappointing that they cut some stuff out of the movie that was in the book...I do like the relationship between Edward and Bella in the book - they did more talking. Of course, it's hard to put it all in. I just laughed a lot reading the book due to what they said. Also I don't know why they have to change things - i.e. Bella "escaping" from the hotel rather than the airport. Plus in the book she goes to the ballet studio during the day but in the movie it's at night...How does that make a difference?? I guess that's why I'm not a part of the movie industry...I think to much!

Wow what a strange post for me...I guess I need to find some girlfriends that I can discuss books and movies with over coffee!! Not to keep going but did you see that The Time Traveler's Wife is coming out. I LOVED that book to. Not sure if the movie will do it justice either...Did anyone see My Sister's Keeper? Again, read that booked so good but also cried my eyes out. I didn't see the movie because again, wasn't sure if it would do the book justice....SO SHOULD I GO SEE THOSE???

Let me know what you think - we're all entitled to our opinions and I'd love to hear yours! I hope you have a great weekend - We've got some friends coming on Saturday and then I have a FUNShop on Sunday! Thanks for stopping by!!


Karen Wilson said...

Hey Michelle! I'm a reader to and like you, I could NOT put the Twilight series down! I would honestly read the whole series back to back. I LOVED the book MUCH more than the movie. As you said, so much is cut from the movie, but I guess they have to, so it's not 5 hours long..LOL! Go ahead and lose yourself in the rest of the twilight series!

Hmm, My Sister's Keeper, yep, read that one. Haven't seen the movie yet. I was all gung-ho till someone told me more about the movie. TOTALLY different than the book, right down to a completely different ending! So, I still want to see it, but I'll wait till it comes out.

Have you read "Memory Keeper's Daughter?" GREAT book and GREAT movie. A friend of ours, their son plays the son in the movie (younger age)

My daughter and I both had migraines last night, I think it's this weather.

Liz said...

OK, so I actually had a hard time getting into the first Twilight book, but once I was hooked, I was hooked. And read all four books in a week, which was painful because it was Thanksgiving week and we had company coming over and all I could do was read.

I think that reading them back to back is the way to go. I picked up the Sookie Stackhouse series (HBO's True Blood is based on these books) and have been reading them back to back and it is so much better.

I didn't read My Sister's Keeper, but I saw the movie and it was great. Ellen read the book and saw the movie, and she told me the ending in the movie was different from the book, but it didn't seem to ruin the movie or anything.

So go get yourself New Moon and prepare for a good cry. I was a mess!

Jodi said...

OMG! I LOVE Edward, and I hope you come to check out a new blog that I started with 2 other Edward fans!!
Hope to see you there!!
Jodi =)

Kimberly said...

Read the next 3 books girl. Trust me you won't be disappointed. I read the entire series before I saw Twilight. Loved Loved Loved it. The series just gets better and better. I now get giddy when I see the New Moon previews :) I had a friend who saw My Sister's Keeper and she said she cried through the entire movie. She said is was super depressing and a bit different from the book. Have you ever checked out Goodreads? Great website for bookworms. I have a link on my sidebar. Enjoy your weekend!

Barb said...

Ok, I'm the uber-loser and have not read the books OR seen the movies :) Twilight has definitely been on my 'must eventually read in its entirety' list, but so were all of the HP books that I have (and haven't read yet)! Let me know how it goes :)

Nancy said...

Read the rest of the books, then the movies! Honestly, I'm probably the only one, but the first was the best, the second was pretty good, the third was so-so, and the fourth...I just struggled to get through it. It's funny when it even gets too far-fetched for far-fetched!! Anyway, it's just a light read, so enjoy!! you enjoy Jane Austen? I love her, and the series of movies based on her books from PBS are awesome! They aren't taxing in the least. If it's not your taste, no worries! I'm a mellow, romantic comedy kind of girl, so these appealed to me!

Helen Dooley said...

Haven't tried the "Twilight" series yet but Scarpetta gotta love it. Read the HP series and if you've seen the movies and havent read I suggest you do because the books are way better then the movies. That seems true in MOST cases. Does your local library have a store? I get some great deals there.

Cathy said...

Oh Michelle, I am Team Edward!! I love him. The movie was great but the books are so wonderful. OMG I read them so fast!! So I had to read them again!! I love the relationship between Edward and Bella and I just love that Edward is old fashioned and so sweet!! OK, I better stop now!!

I do love the series and I can't wait to see New Moon!! It'll be here before we know it!!

Can't wait for the Time Traveler's Wife also!!

YUMMY Edward!! Hugs, Cathy

debbies said...

I just discovered your blog and it's cute cute cute!!! Like you, I saw the movie first and then read the book. Aha moments for me too - couldn't figure out why everyone was laughing so much at the classroom scene too! My suggestion is to read New Moon and then see the movie. That's what I did and am anxiously waiting for Nov!