Monday, September 29, 2008

House Pictues - Scrap Room

Ok, here are first of many more pictures (not today though!) of our new house. For those of you who don't know, we just bought our first house so we are SUPER excited! Many friends from Memphis (where we used to live for 4 years) have requested that I share photos. I figure I'll start with one of my favorite very own scrap room! Please forgive me as I wanted to post only one picture then have you click on it to see more but I can't figure it out and I'm running out of time. I need to leave soon to go get Abby and my afternoon is pretty packed! I will make sure to figure that out (with SOMEONES help!) before I post more pictures.

This is what you see when you look into my craft room. I have 12 paper trays on my desk that have all my 8.5x11 paper in them. As you can see there is a shelf that goes around half the room which is really nice for storing stuff. The stand that the TV is on was built by my's actually a 12x12 paper holder and it's FULL! The black crates hold IRIS containers and that is what all my scraps & embellishments are in.

Yep I even have room for friends (wanna come crop with me???). Right now this is a folding table but I bought another metal desk (similar to mine) but we still need to paint it black. You can't really see it but there is a pink crate full of Marvy punches. I'm hoping to store those another way. The container near the bookshelf is full of ribbon! My hubby is going to make me a ribbon holder so that will be hanging on the wall.

Just more of my stuff...Yes, I LOVE paper!

This is looking out of my room. Now realize this is just a few pictures and I didn't show everything. If you have any questions about things in my room, just ask!

Thanks for looking!


Danni said...

Wow!! I'm so coming over!! I think I would just walk around in awe! Awesome room!

Liz said...

Hey, are you talking about a slide show? You can here to create one: and then upload it into your blog.

The room looks great,... quite different than the one at the apartment. How nice to have room to spread out. I'm so jealous!

Tara said...

I wanna come crop. Your room is awesome!

Maria said...

I love your craft room Michelle. Lots of space to move around. . .you can even put a fold up bed. LOL! If I could sleep in my craft room, I would but I have no space. I like to craft in the middle of the night.

Thanks for sharing!


Heather said...

It looks oz-some Michelle!

The G-5+2 said...

I am so pink with envy. My closet is just too small. I will just keep telling myself 3 more years, 3 more years.

Shelly said...

I'm in awe of your craft room! I thought Abbie's room was my favorite one in your house, but I may have to change my mind. lol How about if you paint your craft room to match Abbie's room. That would be the best of both worlds. I would neber leave that room. : )