Tuesday, January 27, 2009


No, I don't have any pictures (What kind of scrapbooker am I???) but today Abby went for her 5 yr old check up. Yes, for those of you keeping up I'm approximately 4 months late! I'm telling you "better late than never" is my motto!

Abby is 50lbs & 45inches tall and in the 90th percent tile for her height and weight. She definitely did NOT get that from me - my side of the family is short and stalky. She had to have 3 shots and that didn't go so hot (DOES IT EVER???). I tell you even now with her being 5 yrs old instead of 5 months, I still tear up to see her pain. Because she kept getting upset at the idea of the shots (Oh I should mention, Abby can be a little bit of a drama queen), they decided to have a nurse on each side of her. That way they'd give two shots at one time. Well the nurse who came to help out wasn't ready and didn't go exactly on 3 which means Abby really got stuck while flexing her muscles. Result : sore as snot! She instantly bruised and had trouble moving that leg. The bad part is if you don't use the muscle it hurts worse but since it hurts so bad now it's hard to get her to see that!

So what did I do afterwards? Spoil her of course! I took her to Sonic for her 1/2 price slush (really I needed a caffeine fix after being at the dr. office for like 2 hours!); then to Wal-mart to pick up her prescription (she has horrible Eczema on her hands); then to the Dollar Tree so she could pick out a toy. She's so funny - as we are pulling into the parking lot of the Dollar Tree she spots all the Valentine stuff in the window. She informs me that she thinks her legs would feel much better if she could get a toy AND a balloon. I laughed and said "really, huh?". She got both :)

That made her smile and well her smile lights up a room...

Ok, she wasn't THIS happy today but you get the idea!

It's freakin freezing here (yes, I know, I'm sure it's colder some where else but it's still cold to me!). It's been snowing off and on all day and I'm really ready for some warmer days! I'd at least like to see the sun soon :)


Danni said...

Ohhh, poor little girl. I'm dreading taking Belle in. Ugh. It's cold here too....not as cold as you but when it was 72 yesterday and then it drops to 30 something, it seems very cold!

Cathy said...

This is always hard.She's a trooper though. She'll bounce back in no time.