Monday, January 5, 2009

Photo Cube

Yeah!! I'm back to posting :) There are a few of you that read my blog and if you feel so inclined sign up to be a follower to the right there...I mean let me know you like my blog so I'll keep posting, LOL!

As promised here is one of the Christmas gifts that I made this year. These are photo cubes that I first found at Archiver's and then at Wal-Mart. They are exactly the same. I bought them a LONG time ago (ok really it was like 6 months) because I thought they would be so fun to make. Did I do them right away? Nooooo, but that's ok cause they made GREAT Christmas gifts. One of my goals for 2009 is to use the stuff I actually buy! I have two plastic tubs full of items I want to make/alter - I'm going to start using them!

This is the top of the photo cube. I liked how you can put objects in the cube. I did have to put a little glue (I used Zip Dry since it dries clear) along the bottom two ledges so it would stay together. The reason I'm pretty sure I had to do this was because I decorated the top of the you may not need to do this depending on how you decorate yours.

The next photos are of the sides of the cube. I made an X with cardstock and decorated the sides. So instead of 4 large pictures I could use 8 wallet size photos.

I put cardstock on the bottom of the cube so I could put my stickers/rub-ons on it. On one of the cubes that I made I actually just put the rub-ons on the cube itself. I did find that you had to be careful of what your colors were. If the photo was dark it was sometimes hard to see the rub-ons. If you have a ton of white rub-ons/stickers then you shouldn't have an issue.

On some of the sides I chose to decorate it instead of having a picture.

I really like how there is dimension inside the cube. This cube was for my mom and she really liked it. I also made one for my sister and one for my MIL.

The project went really fast once I had the dimensions all figured out. I ordered wallet prints from Shutterfly (they come 4 to a sheet) so I could make them for family and one for me! To make it easy for you to create your own, I've included the instructions on how I made mine.


You'll need 4 pieces of cardstock that are 4 11/16 x 3 5/16 and score them between 2 5/16 & 2 6/16. The top & bottom pieces of cardstock are 3 5/16 x 3 5/16. For each side, you can photos up to size 2 3/16 x 3 3/16. Sometimes I had that be my cardstock and had my photo be 2 x 3 so I had a nice mat. I decorated each "page" before adhering them all together. When you are finished decorating, just adhere each "page" together so you end up with an X. You then put the X on top of the bottom cardstock. If you are going to decorate the bottom cardstock, I put my X in there, used a pencil to mark the triangle that would be open (see the Abby side or the Soccer Star side above). I adhered my rub-ons/stickers, erased the pencil mark and then put the bottom cardstock in the cube. Once you are done, put the top cardstock on top of the X and put the cube together. As I mentioned before, you may need to put a little glue on the bottom edges. I used Zip Dry on mine and then let it sit overnight with a heavy book on top of it.

That's it! Got questions? Just ask! As always, I'd love to hear what you think! Thanks for looking!


Danni said...

I'm telling ya, you rock on these type of projects.I'd stink at them!
Love this, totally adorable!

designsonawhim said...

Michelle- I loooove these! May have to steal 'em. Hope you had a great holiday. We missed you at E. Jennifer :)

Jewels said...

That cube is so cute! Were the inserts inside the cube already scored and folded to create that dimension to the cube? I love how it came out! Jewels