Sunday, January 25, 2009

Heart Trio

I really like participating in swaps but sometimes they can become overwhelming. I've gotten a lot better about pacing myself and being a little more choosy in which ones I sign up for. The ones here lately have been small in number which takes a lot of pressure off me! These cards are for a Valentine's Day swap I signed up for on my CAC group.

Here's a close up of the card:

One of the topics on my groups has been about using old stamps. Ever since I made my master stamp book, I've been able to use more of my older stamps. That's because I actually know what I have now! For this card, I used a retired TAC stamp set called Heart Twinz. It's really a cute stamp set but I have NEVER used it. It felt good to ink them up and get some use out of them.

You should try it. Look at your stash and try and use something old. Not only will you feel good about doing it, you'll also have an excuse to buy something new as a reward, LOL! Believe me when I say I need all the justification I can for my buying habits - just ask my hubby!!!


Danni said...

We're not even going to discuss buying habits. Oye! LOL!!
Cute card! I love are just so clever at card layouts, mine are all the same--or they seem so to me.

Tina said...

So lovely, I love the dp and the layout.

Kimmie said...

beuatiful layout - I LOVE the tearing look

AmethystCat said...

love these - super cute!!

Cathy said...

Love the hearts girl!! I need to finish my master stamp book.sigh.
Anyway, love the card as usual!!