Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Soccer Star

As promised I'm going to share some pictures of Abby's first soccer game of the Spring season. I'm so very proud of her - this is her third season and each time she's grown as an athlete in many different ways. The first game can tell me a lot about what I'm in for! I'm happy to report there were NO tears which is a HUGE accomplishment for us! Abby was a very good TEAM player - she cheered on her team mates and she shared the ball with them. She was happy that her TEAM scored not mad that it wasn't necessarily her - although she did score quite a few goals!

Here she is in action
This is her after her first goal. Floating on cloud nine and cheesing it up for the camera! I should mention that Abby loves to be cheered by others - it is the technique I ended up using to get her potty trained, LOL! She didn't want M&M's or treats she wanted "mommy cheer". So I'd clap and say "YEAH Abby!!". It worked everytime :)

Another action shot.
This last one just makes my heart smile - it's her on the sidelines with her friends and she's NOT crying! She's smiling and cheering and being a great sport! In her league they play 4 short quarters and it's 3 on 3. There are 6 girls on her team which means she'll play two quarters. Sometimes, the kids don't want to sit out - especially if they haven't scored a goal.

Hopefully this first game will be how the season is going to be - I'll keep my fingers crossed! I mean they are 5 year olds! You better go ahead and wish me luck as it can't hurt, LOL!


Janna said...

Michelle these are so cute!!! Wow Abby looks like she is having a great time!! Wow and I can't believe how great she did! That is amazing and her being only 5. I think it is good though for them to participate in these kind of group activities! Teaches them a lot!


Jodi said...

oh she's so sweet!! Looks like she is really enjoying herself out there!! These days sports and getting kids outdoors are the best for them and at the young age of 5, its probably even better. TFS the pics!!
Jodi =)

Lynn Put said...

Your daughter is such a little doll! These are really great shots of her, she looks like shes having fun!

Cathy said...

Wow she is having such fun!! How cute they are playing sports!! She is just great, loving the camera still!!

TFS these pics. It's fun to watch them have fun!!