Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seminar News & Card Kit Debut

So I know this post is a little late but I said that I'd do it so I'm doing just that! Above shows all the wonderful trades that I received at seminar as well as my awards. I'm happy to report that I was once again very blessed and feel very fortunate to be working for such a wonderful company!

The seminar group was smaller than usual - I think that where seminar is located and the economy had A HUGE impact on that! We were told that next year TAC was looking to move seminar back to Kansas City and I, for one, couldn't be happier!!

We were given lots of awesome product and did some wonderful projects. I even had the opportunity to teach one - I was nervous but I think it all worked out okay and everyone seemed pleased with my project.

Can you believe all that rubber?!?! I was given 28 stamp sets - yes, folks I was one happy camper. I've gotten them all cut out and indexed but have yet to use them all. Never fear though - I will!! PLUS the catalog is chalk full of so many sets that I've already cashed in one of my gift certificates for more rubber!! If you don't have the catalog yet, you are missing out! Contact me ASAP so I can get this sweet publication in your hand!

While we were at seminar we had the opportunity to hear from another Angel about Card Kits. I don't know if you know but while I was in Memphis I used to work at the LSS there, Eclectica Scrapbooks and Stamps. I had a card kit and it was pretty popular. I enjoy making cards and if I can make it easy for others well then that's a huge plus!

So folks I introduce my first card kit. This is ONLY good for JULY! So get it while you can!!
The kit uses one of the new Nina Bracket stamp sets called WONDERFUL TREES.
It includes all of this!
That is MORE than enough to make the 4 cards I show and more! PLUS if you don't want the kit with the stamp set then I have an option just to get the papers and accessories. Remember this kit is only available for JULY. Contact me today to get yours!

Thanks for stopping by!


Chelsea said...

It was soooo much fun and great to see you again

Christine Pennington said...

Thanks for the visuals..I am having seminar withdrawals! LOL So what is your goal this year--TOP SALES?

Softpencil Studios said...

I love all the gorgeous things in the basket! I can see one of my sets in your pic ;)

And love the cards you made! you used fresh and beautiful colours.

Tammi said...

Great kit of cards...you got a ton of stuff, wow! Enjoy!