Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

That's right it's a whopping 4 degrees outside and snowing! Now, I was born and raised in Kansas so I'm not a stranger to Kansas winter weather BUT I've been gone for 4 years! For some reason I don't recall this!! In Memphis, if it was cold in the morning usually by the afternoon we were in t-shirts. And if it snowed well EVERYTHING shut down...so we didn't have to deal with it! This morning when it was time to take Abby to preschool, I thought why do I need to get out in this. I mean it's PRESCHOOL!! But I'll have to do it sometime so I went ahead and did it. It wasn't too bad cause Kansas also knows how to deal with it - Sand trucks, snow plows, people driving slow!! Here are a few pictures - they aren't the greatest but you get the idea!

These pictures are from about 9:30 this morning...it's now after 3pm and the snow has not stopped! So believe me there is more than this out there. Here are a few things I realized today:
  • The things that weren't important in Memphis are very important now - like a heater working in my car!
  • Even though the fan motor makes a HORRIBLE noise, my dad assures me that it will not catch on fire!
  • That rear window wiper that my hubby broke would come in very handy when it's freakin' freezing outside and snowing hard!
  • I love my house but it would be oh so nice to have a fireplace - go figure apt in Memphis had one! What's that about?!?!
  • Love my basement and my scrap room but I think we need a few portable heaters!
  • This weather is perfect to be stamping in but my hands and toes are freezing so all I really want to do is drink hot chocolate and snuggle under the thermal blankets!
  • That saying I used to say - "well if it's going to be this cold, I'd rather it be snowing as well" - don't think I mean that anymore, lol!
Hope you are having a great Tuesday and are staying warm! I've been working on some cards and I have an ohh-soo-fabulous teacher gift to share with you too! So stay tuned for those.


Danni said...

Enjoy the snow for me! I so miss it, but not all the other "stuff" that goes with it.
I'm sending you some of my warmth..it's 65 or so here.

Stephanie said...

HEE HEE!! O I love me some SNOW!! Stay warm girl! Merry Christmas!

Liz said...

You know what you won't miss from Memphis? That darn freezing rain/ice storms we always get. Aren't those the best? Remember those when you're looking at your pretty white snow and you'll feel SO much better.

I know there's probably a 100% chance of this NOT happening, but I would so love for snow here on Christmas. So if you'd be so kind,... please send some our way, will ya?