Friday, December 19, 2008

Preschool Christmas Celebration

Yesterday, was Abby's Christmas Celebration. Although I don't have any pictures from the actual program, I can assure you that she did an awesome job singing and only pulled up her dress a couple of times! It's not that I didn't want any pictures but I just couldn't get any to turn out. Jay was able to come so he video taped it. We'll at least have that to watch! After the program, we went to the Celebration Center to celebrate Jesus' Birthday.

Here is Abby who is very proud to show off the cake that we brought. She was also excited to have her Grandma & Papa there to share in the celebration.

Here is the cake. Abby did the decorations. Although it looks like she did the writing, she didn't. Remember she is only 5 but to my defense I've been working on little sleep here...very late nights, like 3AM and early mornings, like 8AM.

After cake, the children in her class got to go on stage to have their picture taken with Santa. As you can tell all the parents were up there taking pictures so the kids are looking everywhere!
Abby & I made a treat bag for her friends. The idea was given to me by a very talented lady Barbra!

They are smore goodie bags. Each bag has a marshmallow peep, bar of chocolate & graham crackers. I thought the idea was so cool cause at this age the kids like to "make" things. This way they get to "make" their own smore.

I should tell you that Abby is really becoming the little crafty girl (well DUH, I mean who is her momma!). She stamped the sentiment on the tags, tied the ribbon on the tags (I double knotted them), taped the tags to the toppers and attached the santa chocolate. She was very proud of herself as was I! The only thing I need to remember that she does take a little longer to do everything so I should NOT wait until 7pm the night before to do them! Oh well, lesson learned!


Tina said...

So cute! What a sweet looking group.

Danni said...

She's so cute!!
Remember to take care of you!!

AmethystCat said...

absolutely adorable group! And, great gift idea - love the bag toppers!

Liz said...

She's so darn cute!

And I LOVE the smores goody bags,... I'll have to remember that one for later.