Sunday, December 7, 2008

More Calendars

Sorry for the break in posts! I've been busy working on projects but haven't finished anything yet. Although I'm not completely done with this calendar, I decided I just had to share. I got an order for some cards & calendars (Thanks Pam!) that I have to send out this week. I was having a hard time finding time to create as Abby wants my complete attention right now. Grandma offered to take her yesterday afternoon and she stayed all night! Plus hubby was gone so I was completely alone from 2pm till noon today! Needless to say I got quite a bit done! I downloaded the calendar from Amuse. I got the calendar cases from PTI . The calendar was a little smaller then the case but I just put a piece of cardstock to serve as a mat for each month. I think it looks good! Here is the calendars in the case (sorry for the blurry picture!)

I stamped each month out and then went back through and started coloring. Right now I'm working on 5 of these but am pretty sure I will need a few more. I plan on giving a few as Christmas gifts! The next few photos are of each individual month. I still have 4 months left to color.

I used a variety of stamps and colored with my Copics. For the months I have left I think I will be coloring with my colored pencils because the stamps I used are a little more detailed and I don't have a ton of Copic colors. It's hard though cause I really like the brightness of the markers! I still need to edge each month with my black ink pad as well. I had to quit at about 1am though because my hand/arm felt like it was going to fall off! I haven't stamped & colored that much in a LONG time!

When I get the other months done (hopefully today!), I'll share those as well. Would love to hear what you think! Thanks so much for looking!


Tina said...

Wow, very nice. I've been wanting to do something like this for gifts!

Danni said...

These are just so cute!! How fun! And I think I'm going to have to get that Penny Black snowman, I just love the way you color it! You sold me!

AmethystCat said...

super, super cute! thanks for the link to the calendars and I ADORE what you did with them!