Friday, April 17, 2009

Notebooks Galore

Happy Friday to you - Today I thought I'd share some notebooks that I made recently. I don't know about you but those darn $1 bins at Micheal's really do me in! I just can't resist the stuff! One of my favorites from the bins are the notebooks. I love getting them and altering them. It's fun to personalize them for each recipient.

I decided I wanted to start trying to lose a little (ummm I mean a lot, LOL) weight. One thing I've heard to do is write down everything you eat. I know when I do this it really makes me think twice about eating those 15 cupcakes...**note: I know you don't know me but I hope you know I don't EVER eat 15 cupcakes - I think 10 is about all I could handle :0) - can you tell I'm a smartbutt???LOL)** ANYWAY, I wanted to make myself a notebook to record my daily eating habits and here is what I came up with. This is the front:

and here is the back:

what was neat about this notebook the inside covers were already white. I decided just to stamp them and add a quote that I liked

These next notebooks were made by request. I tell you it was pretty tough making the first set seeing how I went to KSU and pretty much bleed purple - but I managed.

This one was for a girl whose favorite colors were blue and brown. I really liked how it turned out - blue and brown is such a pretty color combo and that DP is one of my FAVS!

So what do you think? I hope it's inspired you to try it. It really doesn't take too long to do one and they make great gifts! Everyone can use paper - there's always a need: telephone messages, grocery lists, errands, to-do, etc! I actually should STOP buying notebooks though since I have quite a few of them in my closet waiting to be altered! I tell you it's an addiction!! **you agree, right???**

Thanks for stopping by! I'm not sure I'll be posting again over the weekend so hope you have a good one. Thank you for all your prayers & comments re: my health. Just a little update - I will be having surgery on Thursday morning. Good news is I might only be in there for a day so keep the thoughts & prayers a comin'!


Stef H said...

These are beautiful! I did one recently for my "blog buddies". But not quite as pretty as yours!

You are in my prayers.


Tina said...

They are all so lovely. Great papers!
Good luck with surgery, know that all will go well.

AmethystCat said...

love them! well, except for the ones that you had a hard time making since I also BLEED PURPLE! hee hee! How did you get them so perfect? Do you unwind the coil, use the bia and then put it back in or ? Please e-mail me the info. Good luck with the surgery - big hugs! And, good luck on your quest!

Tammi said...

Wonderful notebooks, my fav is the last one! Wishing you well with the surgery. xx

Danni said...

Love 'em all!! Simply wonderful!

Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

I LOVE your background! All of those notebooks were so cute! And where did you get the containers for the little Easter Baskets? They were great!! You are so creative and amazing! What surgery are you having? I hope you are okay! That is funny about Abby and the computer and leaving. Well, I guess not too funny...but she reminds me of Clark. He does that all the time. (Though, he hasn't left yet--just the other stuff.)

Liz said...

Hey, shoot me an e-mail and let me know what's up. I'll say some very specific prayers for you. Love ya!!!

Maria said...

Wow awesome altered notebooks Michelle!! They would make good gifts or even person journals!! Yeah, those $1 Michaels notebooks can really hurt the pocketbook. I have a ton of them that I still need to alter but I keep buying them! Arggh!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Ann Kranitz said...

What a great idea to write down all you eat. I actually just made an appt to go back to Jenny Craig. It has always worked for me. Love these little notebooks. Great Job. I will be sending good thoughts your way!!


Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Love them all Michelle!! Have to make one of these sometime!! The blue and brown is my fave!

Nicola said...

Wowzers these are awesome Michelle, no dollar bins or even craft shops where I live so have to make and make do. Will have to looks round local shops as perhaps can pick similar up .... you are so naughty making me spend pennies but again you are also so inspiring so a huhge thanks. Hope all goes well with surgery, shall be thinking of you. -x-

Nancy said...

Beautiful, and they are such a great and easy gift! Thanks for the inspiration to do it!!

Jodi said...

Wow! They all turned out so awesome! We don't have a michael's store here but I am sure if we did, with that kind of a deal, I would be doing the same thing!
Jodi =)

Heather Schlatter said...

Hey Michelle I am so far behind on my blogging comments!!!

I really love your notebooks all except for those Hellacious Red and Blue ones how could you even do that??? I just don't know about you!!!!

What kind of surgery are you having?? I was an OR RN for 10 years before I decided to mostly stay home with the kiddos!!!

I really hope you are feeling better soon and that surgery goes smoothly!!