Thursday, April 9, 2009

Preschool Easter Gifts

Today is Abby's Easter celebration at preschool so I made a few things for her friends & teachers. I think they turned out really cute and they really came together rather quickly - which shocked me! The thinking part is definitely the longest part of the process for me!!

First up are little boxes I made for her teacher & staff. I used a Timeless Templates from PaperTrey Ink. LOVE how I can print the template right on my paper, cut out, decorate and assemble - easy peasy!!

I used scrap paper to decorate. Each box is filled with grass, mini Easter eggs filled with chocolate eggs and some other treats thrown in there. I know Abby's teacher & the staff will love this! Here's a close up:

I have to tell you that I colored the bunny with my watercolor pencils & Dove blender pen. It's AWESOME! I got the idea from Julie (thanks!). The cool part - it goes so fast! I colored 15 of these bunnies in no time! LOVE IT!

Next, I made little baskets for each of the kids in Abby's class. I first showed these here.

They are just the right size to hold small Easter eggs & a few treats. Abby enjoyed filling the eggs and putting the grass in each of the baskets. Of course, she asked me a million times if she was going to get one of these too, LOL!
So what do you think? I think they'll be a hit - I know Abby loves them and really isn't that all that matters?

Speaking of Abby, I have a story for you - Last night Abby got mad at Jay & I because I told her she had to get off the computer (she was playing Nick Jr. Games). It was time to take a bath. I should tell you that on Wednesday's she stays all day at school so she's usually pretty tired, although she won't admit it. Anyway, I knew getting her off the computer was going to be rough so I started counting down at 15 minutes. You know, "Abby, 15 minutes and you have to get off the computer cause we have to take a bath". I continued doing this every 5 minutes. Sure enough when it came time to get off she threw a little fit. I'm finally learning that me getting upset doesn't help the situation (although it's hard not too sometimes). So in my calmest voice I told her that if she didn't stop she'd lose her computer time tomorrow. She kept crying and screaming so I told her she lost her time. She marches upstairs, grabs her Easter basket, milk, camera and pink boo and tells me she is leaving and going to live somewhere else. WHAT??? running away from me is already starting?!?! Ok, it's a bluff right...NOPE she opens the back door and tells me good bye. I asked her if she had clothes because she'd need them. She said nope she'd be back in a week. At this point tears are coming down her face but she's being brave. She opens the door and stands outside (in the dark) staring at me through the screen door. I walk over and ask her if she's really going to leave at which she replies yes. So I shut the main door. I know - harsh. I turn to Jay and said what the heck is this about?? This is my little girl and I'm not ready for this. He said it was him she was mad at not me - whatever, doesn't help what I'm feeling. I can hear her talking outside but not sure what she's saying. We open the door and ask her if she's staying. She replies yes. She comes in and with the most hurtful look she says to me "Who would take care of me if you weren't there Mommy?" (awww yes that's my heart swelling with emotion). She then hugs me and tells me that she NEVER wants to leave me and she wants to be with me forever. I casually remind her that she was leaving us not me leaving her. Needless to say bath and reading time was pretty much cuddle and love time. We'll see how long that lasts when I remind her that she can't get on the computer later today!

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate all the comments that you leave and for taking the time to visit my blog - thank you!!


Anna said...

LOL! Too funny! I love that she walked out the house! And just think, we haven't hit the teenage years yet! Your treats turned out darling! The kids will all love them! And you totally need some WOJ stamps! Those girls are too cute! She's got a new set coming out too! She's gonna kill my bank account!

Tina said...

OMgosh, these are just precious, love that little bunny.
Aww, your story broke my heart! So glad she came to her senses...too funny!

Tammi said...

You just never know what kids are thinking or going to do next! :) So glad you didn't have to wait to long to see what she'd do next!

Michelle I'm loving these boxes & baskets, what a great treat for the kids, wow!! You make up the cutest things.

Alissa103 said...

Oh, Michelle! These Easter gifts are just too cute. The teachers are going to LOVE their gifts just as much as the kids!

Danni said...

Okay, I've decided it's a good thing I don't live near you because you're one of the moms that I hate. LOL!! You know, the ones that make the CUTEST things for school while I'm lucky to get my kids there with clean clothes. LOL!!
Seriously, these are just the best! You so rock, my friend!
I'm calling you in a bit to tell you the running away stories I've dealt with Matthew. Heheeh!

Joan Ottevanger said...

Your gifts are beautiful.

Liz said...

Too funny. I remember "running away" when my little brother was born and I was 7 years old. I was mad that they had brought him home and I was no longer the baby (can you say spoiled rotten?). No sooner I had shut the front door I realized I didn't have a plan and had no where to go. Oops! So back inside I went.

The Easter goodies are adorable. You are so very creative and I'm sure everyone will love them.

Janna said...

Oh these projects are just amazing!!!! Those little gable boxes are adorable and I love the baskets! I can't believe you made them all! So, so cute! You blow me away!

Poor Abby! Kids do the darndest things. I don't know if I could have held out though. I am so not looking forward to this phase!


Cassie said...

okay, first of all, these baskets and all are ADORABLE!!! Seriously!!! What lucky teachers and classmates to get such wonderful goodies!!

and that story is so cute! i remember only "running" away once but i packed a pillow full of books. practical, huh?

Anonymous said...

Very cute Easter projects!

After reading your story I'm so grateful I have boys and they're in their 20s now! LOL!

Our neighbors have home movies of me & my younger brother "running away"!

kids! Gotta love 'em!


Maria said...

Awww what a cute story, Michelle! My daughter never tried to run away. She was always afraid being locked out! I never counted to 15 minutes. I counted to only 3. . .1, 2, 3. so don't feel bad. I was much harsher so my daughter knew not to mess with me! LOL. I have a short funny story. When my daughter was 3 or 4 years old, she had a time out chair out in the hallway in the dark. After awhile, when she would do something she knew was naughty. She would start to cry and tell me "I'm going to the time out chair now". She actually would sit herself in the time out chair without my having to tell her to go there! LOL!! Kids do crazy things!

Love all your cute baskets and box. . .wow, you've been busy. Such a good mommy!!! Love the colors and cute images. They are all beautifully colored!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!


Heather Schlatter said...


That story was adorable!!! I love all these adorable Easter gifts!!!! I swore this year I was going to get cute little packages for both girls classes for each Holiday, Well Halloween I got all these cute Frankenstien Kit Kat holders (if you want to see them you can use the search gadget on my blog to find Cute Frankenstien Kit Kat holders) I got 17 of them done for Willow's Preschool class and then I only had time to get them done for all the teachers and aids in Piper's 1st grade class, but not all the students. Then for Christmas I was going to do better, but with all the Christmas designs our team got commisioned for I only had time to get neat packaging and matching cards done for both girls teachers/aids, and bus drivers ect...

Then I swore I would do better for Valentines day but I got nothing done and nothing for Easter either so I totally struck out this year on my plans but you did a great job and they are all adorable!!!


Laurie said...

Michele, your projects are sooo cute! Thanks for sharing!

Kimberly said...

Oh my Goodness, these are absolutely adorable! What a great way to give a gift.