Saturday, October 25, 2008

House Pictures - Basement Area

Well as promised here are some more house pictures this time of our basement. The first picture is of our family room. Realize that we are in the basement area a lot! The desk you see is Abby's art station. Then there is my hubby's guitars. The doorway on the left leads into my scrapbook room which if you've already seen pictures of.

When you come down the stairs, just around the corner is our computer/office area. It's nice having the computer in a central location but I'd love to get a laptop so I can have it in my scrapbook room to use. From the picture you can see I'm here quite a bit.

When you come down the stairs and turn to your right you'd have the playroom on your left and the computer area on your right.

We also have a bathroom and a portion of the basement that is unfinished (that door is beside Jay's guitars). The basement is really big and was a big selling point for us!

I should have some projects finished this weekend and will hopefully post those next. Thanks so much for looking at my blog. I hope you enjoy it! Leave me comments as I love to hear from you!


Danni said...

It's settled, I'm moving in. LOL!
Awesome house!

Liz said...

What a great space!

I cannot even begin to tell you how DESPERATELY we miss having a basement. Until we moved to Memphis we have always had one.

Enjoy it!

Stephanie said...

Michelle I am so happy for you guys! Love the house, can't wait to see it!