Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm back!

Oh it feels good to be blogging again! I didn't mean for it to be so long between posts but I participated in a 15 hour crop this weekend and when I tried to use the computer the next day it was having ISSUES! When the computer finally worked I had trouble with blogger so I guess it just wasn't meant to be for awhile!

Both the crops that I participated went really well. I had a great time and enjoyed meeting so many people! I have a couple of FUNShops! scheduled for November and am excited to meet even more people. I definitely hope to do both crops again and now I know what to expect so that will make it even better!

Unfortunately I haven't had much time to create. But I did find a little time to shop! My husband called me Friday and told me that he went to this little antique shop near my parents house and he found a hutch that he thought would be perfect for our dining room. He asked me to stop by and take a look and if I liked it to buy it. OKAY, I can so do that! Well needless to say this little shop had some really cute things that would be perfect for my scrapbook room! I'm not going to lie, my husband just doesn't get it. When he saw what I purchased he was like "why?". My response is why ask why?! I don't care what it's for I WILL find a use for it! Did we get the hutch? YES plus these little finds...

an awesome jar for my ribbon scraps! They were in Ziploc baggies and this looks oh so much better :)

and this little baby! I instantly thought of Mish who always has an inspiration station. Well I didn't have one and yes, this one is a little small but it looks so good in my room on my desk. I actually used it this weekend at the crop to hold ribbon & eyelet packages and Scrappers Floss. Now it's on my desk completely empty! I think I'm going to put some Christmas embellishments in it as that is what I need to be working on at this moment.

Thanks for looking!

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Danni said...

Cute stuff!
I wanna hear more about the crop on Saturday!!
Get creating woman! LOL!