Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holiday Planner

If you know me at all I love to feel as though I'm organized! I'm a planner kind of girl - always have one and always use it. Now this doesn't mean that I'm always organized as you have to read it and actually write out what needs to be done. If you forget to do that, well then there's problems! I've seen holiday planners made out of file folders and knew I wanted to do something similar. I started with one of those super cheap folders you can get in abundance at the beginning of the school year. Please forgive me, but I'm thinking I got the idea to use this folder from Connie on one of my yahoo groups (I'm on a lot of groups and sometimes I lose track of where I got what!)

I cut the folder down (to help save paper) and then folded the folder accordion style. Next, I inked all the edges with brown and then decorated with paper. This is the front of the planner. I used Stickles to add a little sparkle to the swirls. The "holiday planner" is printed off my computer.

And this is the inside of the pages. The way I assembled my ribbon makes the folder only open with two pockets showing at one time. I wanted this as most of the time I'll be using it on the run (in a car, at a store, etc.) and so I wanted a little more stability.

I printed the pages at Organized Christmas . If you've never been to this site, you should really check it out. They have a lot of neat printable stuff. My sections are Gift ideas, Shopping lists, Christmas Cards and calendars with to do lists.

All supplies used were from The Angel Company. Trying to do this for the first time took me a little longer than I thought it would but each additional ones I make will go really fast now that I know what I'm doing, lol!

I am a TAC Demonstrator so feel free to contact me if you'd like to purchase any of the supplies used or you have any questions. I'd also be willing to sell this as a kit. Contact me if you're interested in purchasing one!


Danni said...

You are so talented! I wouldn't know where to start with something like this!! Very cute!! What a neat idea!!

Liz said...

What a great idea. I too would like to think that I am SUPER organized, and I try, Lord knows I try. But this would totally help during the holiday shopping season. I love it. Girl, you got game!!!

BTW are you on Facebook? If you are, send me a friends request so we can hook up. If you're not, then open an account and then send me a friends request so we can hook up. Trust me girl, it's fun and addictive and you MUST get on it cause I'm sure you have nothing else to do,... lol

Stephanie said...

Love it! I really love the nativity stamp!

AmethystCat said...

super idea and beautifully decorated! TFS the great idea!

Tina said...

Oh my gosh, this is awesome!

Barb said...

Beautiful work on this organizer!